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8gpm at 4000psi Honda IGX800 with Comet Pump Bandit Belt Drive.png

Bandit 8GPM @ 4000PSI
Honda IGX800 with Comet Pump

B-K8040HC Bandit Belt Drive

The Bandit B-K8040HC 8GPM at 4000PSI Commercial Pressure Washer With Premium Comet Pump.

Bandit Specs:

» Honda IGX800 Engine
» Oversized OEM Honda canister muffler
» Hi Flow Series industrial Comet triplex pump with lifetime manifold warranty

» VRT-3 adjustable unloader
» Ultra rugged corrosion resistant extruded aluminum base
» Easy access two piece aluminum belt guard

» 4-groove “Bandit” belt for uniform tension and maximum power transfer
» “EZ-line” belt tension assembly
» Easy engine and pump oil drain systems

» Quad anti-vibration rubber isolators

PUMP Features:

  •  Forged brass manifold with lifetime warranty

  • »  Forged one piece bronze alloy connecting rods

  • »  High efficiency, stainless steel check valves

  • »  Abrasion proof, heat resistant, solid ceramic plungers

  • »  Premium quality oversized tapered roller bearings

  • »  Increased fin depth for maximum heat dissipation

  • »  Large crankcase capacity for improved cooling

  • »  Special PSI offering: 1 year “Bumper-to-Bumper” warranty

    on RW, TW, & PS Series pumps – includes all normal wear items

Manufacturer Website

Bandit / Pressure Systems Innovations

Comet Pumps

Comet Pump Cut away showing inside details of the Comet Premium Pump Series
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