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CRX Engines 

CRX 680 Manatee Gear Drive Pressure Washer

During all the changes in the economy and Covid, a lot of manufacturers have had serious issues with supply. Not to mention the pressure washing and paver sealing industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation right now. So DEMAND is THROUGH THE ROOF!


With that being said, many people have noticed the shortage of Honda Motors across the Nation. A lot of builders are struggling to manufacture machines for industry professionals because they simply can't get the parts they need to complete the builds.


Well today we are here to announce that a new Motor has entered the scene at Manatee Pressure Washer Supply and Repair.

The CRX Engine line up has come at the perfect time. CRX Engines and Motors run Commercial Pressure Washers and Gas Powered Roof Pumps. The CRX Motor is strong and reliable in the professional pressure washing field.


Manatee Pressure Washer Supply and Repair was the first builder to partner with the CRX engines to build a Commercial Pressure Washing and Soft washing Equipment line for contractors across the Nation.

"Innovation Engineered To Perform" -CRX


The CRX Engine line up has come at the perfect time. With nobody knowing when the motor shortage will let up... We have been forced to start looking for a new RELIABLE motor source that we can count on to deliver power, efficiency and consistency. The FNA Group has been key to helping us keep moving business forward, and that's our promise to our customers every single day.


About FNA Group


FNA Group

World Class Design and Innovation

The CRX Engine Line was born out of a combined 200+ years of industry leading engineering experience and innovation from FNA Group, Inc.


They are a Single-Source, vertically integrated company that understands the importance of power, performance, reliability, and continuously meet the needs of professionals Worldwide.




We believe so! In fact so much so that we will be soon be building our own line of Gear Drives using these motors. We are excited to see the future and will keep you posted as we launch this new lineup right before cleaning season takes off!




Change is weird... We know. We have said many times we are HONDA through and through... However demands are growing and Honda has been very clear that we can expect more delays to continue. It's our job to keep you working. This new line up of motors should be able to help a lot of guys keep propelling forward as this industry keeps growing and expanding.


Cheers to the future, and the changes we must make in order to see it!

-The MPWSR Team




CRX 680 Interview with T-Chem


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The CRX website FNA Group

Owners / User Manuals

CRX 680 Owners Manual PDF


CRX 420 Owners Manual PDF

CRX Motors and Pressure Washers

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