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10GPM at 3500psi Honda IGX800 with General Pump Manatee Gear Drive.png

Manatee Gear Drive 10GPM @ 3500PSI
Honda IGX800 with General Pump

MGD-1035HG Manatee Gear Drive

The Manatee Gear Drive 10gpm at 3500psi with General Pump Commercial Pressure Washer. Made in house at Manatee Pressure Washer Supply and Repair. Featuring the New IGX800 Motor From Honda.


Bandit Specs:

» Honda IGX800 Motor

» True Honda OEM Exhaust

» Adjustable throttle assembly
» Industrial General Pump triplex pump with lifetime manifold warranty

» VRT-3 adjustable unloader
» Ultra rugged corrosion resistant extruded aluminum Manatee Skid

» Quad anti-vibration rubber isolators

PUMP Features:

  • » Forged brass manifold with lifetime warranty

  • » Forged one piece bronze alloy connecting rods

  • » High efficiency, stainless steel check valves

  • » Abrasion proof, heat resistant, solid ceramic plungers

  • » Premium quality oversized tapered roller bearings

  • » Increased fin depth for maximum heat dissipation

  • » Large crankcase capacity for improved cooling

Manufacturer Info

Honda Engines

General Pump

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