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A 2-Day Paver Sealing Training Event OCTOBER 27-28 2022!

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

On October 27-28 2022 we will be offering an in-depth 2-day Paver Cleaning, Repair, Preparation and Sealing Training Event.

At Manatee Pressure Washer Supply and Repair we work with many paver Sealer Professionals from across the state of Florida. Our goal is to help our customer's have the best knowledge and training necessary to feel confident when offering paver sealing services to their customers. We sell ICT (Innovative Concrete Technologies) Products and Trident Products for paver sealing and prep and we are excited to partner up on this training with them!

This training isn't just designed for new professionals to paver sealing. In fact its quite the opposite. This Training is designed to help guys familiar with paver sealing, or those that are already offering paver sealing services, but want to dive a little deeper. This training will help new guys and pros gain more knowledge and insight to help them become an even greater expert in the exterior cleaning and paver sealing industry, ultimately reflecting better on the industry as a whole.

The best way to offer this type of training, is by offering a unique 2-Day On-Site experience to help you fully understand the process on a larger than average jobsite.

What does that mean? That means you're going to get training in the field at a residential address, seeing an actual jobsite that needs prep, and repair before sealing. By offering a training on-site like this, we believe we can help professionals better understand what they will be going through while out in the field, what they can expect, the goals that are realistic to accomplish, and how to properly handle even the largest paver sealing jobs.

What better way then to be trained on over 4,000+ Sqft of Residential Pavers?

The Jobsite is less than 1 mile from the shop location. Bradenton Florida (between SR70 and SR64 off I75) Address on ticket.

At this training we are going to cover several things that are very important at every paver sealing job.
  • Proper Cleaning and Equipment

  • Proper Paver Preparation

  • Proper Paver Repair

  • Proper Sand/Paver Application

  • Proper Sealer Application/Process

  • Proper Tinting Method and Application

Proper Cleaning and Equipment

We will be going over the proper cleaning methods, equipment used, tools needed, and supplies necessary to prepare for the job and pavers for sealing.

Proper Paver Preparation

We will be going over the proper paver preparation methods such as cleaning procedures, chemicals needed for treatment, and joint preparation.

Proper Paver Repair

We will be going over the proper paver repair process. How to look for trouble areas, and also how to address those areas. Lifting and leveling pavers and making small repairs in trouble areas.

Proper Sand/Paver Application

Proper sanding methods for paver sealing is super important. The best sand with the most options and best ability to lock in the joints is Trident's Sand. We will be showing Hydro compaction (Wet Sanding) and dry sanding for the best practices. We will be teaching that process to show you how to properly prep the area for sealing, and guarantee the best finish results for your customer.

Proper Sealer Application/Process

We will be discussing sealer types and the best options for the job. During this job we will be using Ure Seal Gloss by ICT. This sealer has a great enhancement and long lasting durability. We will work with different sealing applicators as well such as pump sprayers, carts, and spraying systems.

"Our Goal is that by the end of this training, you feel even more confident when talking with your customers about sealing services. As the Florida market continues to grow and new homes are built. Paver Sealing is a constant growing industry and with the proper training, your business can have massive success by offering sealing or offering sealing services to your current and future customers."


Why a cost?

Well, here's the deal. Space is limited. We currently only have enough room for 100 people at this event. Many have already registered early which is great to ensure you and your team has a spot. The training is $50 per person for the 2 day event. We will have Willy Yums Food truck on site for lunch both days, and facilities necessary to make this a comfortable training event. Lunch is covered in the cost of your ticket for both days. Everything spent on this event in ticket sales will be spent directly back on the event. The goal is to make it an amazing experience for professionals to be comfortable and have a good time learning and networking at this training event.


On the night of the 27th (the first night of the event), Dab Marketing and Pressure Systems Innovations (Bandit / Dragon) and Clicklease are sponsoring a evening filled event at Motorworks Brewing in Bradenton Florida. We will have the famous Beer Garden reserved with Food, Drinks, Games, and More!

Motorworks Brewing Beer Garden 1014 9th St W, Bradenton, FL 34205 6-10pm

Event Tickets will get you all access to the Motorworks Hangout!

This event isn't until October. But with space being limited we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to be a part of this event. This training will be a great time to get together with other professionals and network, along with learning trade secrets from TRUE Professionals in the industry out there doing it every single day.

At Manatee Pressure Washer Supply and Repair, it's our job to keep your business moving forward. We hope this training will be a tool you use to propel your business forward in the many years to come!

Sign up today to make sure a spot is reserved for you and your team!

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