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Bandit Belt Drive HOW TO: Adjusting or Replacing Your Belts.

Updated: Mar 7

Adjusting or replacing belts on your Bandit Belt Drive Pressure Washer from MPWSR. In this video post you will properly see how to adjust or replace the belt for your Bandit Pressure Washer. At Manatee Pressure Washer Supply and Repair we specialize in being the nations largest and most reliable Bandit Dealer. Our goal is to keep your business moving forward and down time for your rig is NOT GOOD! This post is designed to help you check and adjust the belts, or replace the belts for your Bandit Belt Drive Pressure Washer unit.

The first time you have to adjust or replace a belt can be very time consuming or frustrating. This video will help save you time and money by replacing or adjusting your Bandit Belt Drive on your own, or out in the field for an emergency repair.

First Remove the second locking nut from the belt adjustment mechanism located under the pump. The Locking nut prevents it from loosening by itself during operation. Next, Loosen the four nuts that mount the pump to the Skid. these are found below the Skid at each corner of the pump.

Then Loosen the belt adjustment mechanism by hand or with a hammer. Remove the belt and replace it with a new one. Next, tighten the belt adjustment mechanism to tension the belt. Then use a straight edge to determine the alignment of the pulley.

As you can see in the video, the left side of the pulley is out. In order to rotate the pump clockwise to bring it straight into alignment. Viewing the pump from the handle tighten the right hand bold and leave the other three "finger tight". Hold a straight edge to the pulley as you tighten the belt adjustment mechanism until it comes into alignment.

Once in perfect alignment, tighten the four mounting bolts. Then re-check the alignment to ensure its right. Once in perfect alignment, tighten the four mounting bolts to be sure nothing has moved. Once the belt is aligned and the four mounting bolts are tight, don't forget to replace the locking nut on the belt adjustment mechanism to be sure it stays tensioned and in alignment.

That's it! Your right back ready to roll!


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