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Updated: Mar 21

Honda Vs CRX Engines? You have questions. So do we!

Pictured: Honda GX690 Manatee Gear Drive mounted next to a CRX 750 Manatee Gear Drive Commercial Pressure Washer)

Two things are happening in the Commercial Pressure Washing Industry every single day.

  1. When upgrading equipment people are really considering what is available in the market, and the price of the equipment that is available.

  2. When their current Honda or similar unit fails and they can't find parts, they are forced to consider an alternative in order to keep their business moving forward.

First we need to talk about what is happening in the industry as a whole, and supply chain.

Why? What is going on?

Well since 2020, the world has drastically changed how it does business. The cost of materials, manufacturing, importing, and shipping has greatly changed the day to day way a small business runs. A perfect example of this is in 2022, Honda Motors alone had an increase over 20%.

When building equipment, the most expensive part of a commercial pressure washing unit will always be the motor. This one increase alone, (with many others) caused a lot of machines to have a huge surge in pricing.

Customers often would call us asking why the machine they bought a few yeas ago was now over $1,000 more than it used to be. Or better yet, as people were selling equipment used they were able to get the same price they paid for it new due to the rapid change in market pricing. (You can also see thisin the Truck Industry at the moment)

Is Price Driving These Massive Changes?

No, Pricing just seems to be a small part of the issue in this industry at the moment. Not only has prices increased, BUT AVAILABILITY has decreased to being almost non existent. So not only has the price gone up on these units over the last few years rapidly, but the availability has fallen making these units hard to get and expensive.

What About Parts?

We have noticed a huge issue in parts supply as well. As Honda's Motors start having issues, it has become extremely difficult for us to keep parts in stock for customers. Having parts available for motors is the biggest component in reliability. We all know these units will have issues and need repairs, but what happens when we can't get parts we need to keep these motors running?

Is This Why We Keep Seeing New Motor Manufacturers Pop Up?

Yes it is!

Several extremely reliable manufacturers have stepped up to the plate to answer the demand that the Pressure Washing and Paver Sealing Industry has.

CRX was the first Motor that we worked with when things got really scarce from Honda. The demand for the Manatee Gear Drive was really high, and Honda Motor delivery times were getting extremely delayed.

The partnership timing was perfect, but one question remained...


That is the real question... Are they reliable?

We were extremely concerned with reliability at first when deciding to offer an alternative to a Honda in the Manatee Gear Drive line up. With that being said, we did extensive research and development to ensure these units would be solid enough to answer the call for the Commercial Pressure Washing and Paver Sealing World.

We ran a bunch of tests:

We created an entire line of gear drives with that motor:

We discussed the deep details of the motor and its build quality:

We had interviews and discussions about it online with other stores:

We built over 600 units that were in field working within the first 13 months.

After everything, we are extremely happy with the results! The CRX Motors are now one of the most used motors in the pressure washing and paver sealing industry across the Nation!

Just like us, many other OEMs have started offering new motor alternatives for their customers as not only a reliable option with parts and availability, but they are offering them at a more affordable price than a traditional Honda.

It's Not Just CRX That Is Chasing Honda's Spot...

Recently Bandit, among many other large equipment manufacturers for the industry has also added a different motor brand to the lineup.

For The Pressure Washing and Paver Sealing Industry, Availability Is What Keeps Business Moving Forward!

Parts being available and reliable engines are what's most important! Our customers need to know when they pull up to a job site that their equipment will run and provide them with the adequate workload they need to get the job done.

Facts are facts, as this industry continues to grow, we too need to grow and adapt. These new motor manufacturers are here to stay and are really going to give Honda a good run for their money.

Let's Talk About Power.

These New Line of 750cc Engines are something SERIOUS! When the Honda IGX800 came to market, people were literally blown away! It had huge power over the 690 and was running a new electrical system that was more "futuristic" than anything we have had in the past. But let's talk POWER, AVAILABILITY, and PRICE.

For this we will simplify things instead of getting too technical.

1. The Manatee Gear Drive 10GPM with Honda IGX800 Motor makes 10GPM at 3500psi constant.

Mobile Link

2. The Manatee Gear Drive 10GPM with CRX 750CC Motor makes 10gpm at 3500psi constant.

Mobile Link

3. The Bandit 10GPM Belt Drive with 750CC Motor makes 10GPM at 3500psi constant.

Mobile Link

4. The Pressure Pro IGX800 Belt Drive Makes 10GPM at 3000psi constant. (Can do 3500psi)

Mobile Link

All three units offer the same working power, and extremely similar warranties, BUT Honda's are currently harder to get, find parts for, and they also cost about $1,000 more!

With the reliability from the CRX proving true with each passing day, CRX has proved they earned this spot to compete directly with Honda.

In fact, they have surpassed Honda in the last 24 months in three areas more than anyone else.

  1. Pricing

  2. Parts Availability

  3. Reliability

This is exactly what the industry needed and is welcomed by many!

If you have been looking to buy new equipment or have been considering a change, make sure to give the new motors and builds out there a chance. Just like the small business, these companies rely on their customers to keep them moving forward!

We are extremely happy and looking forward to the future as this industry continues to pivot and grow year after year!



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