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We Are Moving!

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

2023 is off to an amazing start!

Thank you to everyone for being such a faithful and consistent customer, vendor, or dealer to us over the years!

Over the last 5 years, our team, customers, network and impact has caused the need for business to expand! Currently we have been expanding our current shop year after year by acquiring more bays. We are currently at just under 6,000sqft and are maxed out for space and storage.

With the continued need for equipment, builds, and supplies for the pressure washing and paver sealing industry, we know the time to expand is well now.

Over the past few years, our shop has become known as a one of a kind shop experience for customers and store suppliers in the pressure washing and paver sealing industry, not just locally in Sarasota, Bradenton, and Surrounding Areas, but now nationwide as we assist stores across the nation equip and serve their local communities.

It's our hope that this new shop will allow us to better serve our local community and our national network all at one time!

Say hello the new Manatee Headquarters!

This new location will allow us to better serve you!

1860 Whitfield Ave Sarasota Florida 34243

(about 10mins south of the current shop closer to 301)

We will now have 12k sqft of space and offices to help the further expansion and growth of our local market and our national presence.

This new location will allow us to have a better show room, bigger production area, and larger service department to help continue to keep your business moving forward!

The one thing our business is built on is the foundation of keeping our customers and network moving forward! We are here to help you and exist for that reason alone.

We are super excited for this move and are working diligently to get the facilities set up so we can start moving right away.

We will keep you posted along the way and when we plan the grand opening at the new location. We are extremely thankful to have your continued support and look forward to the very near future!

Cheers to the future and what it holds!


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