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Gold Assassin At MPWSR

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Gold Assassin is the Commercial Degreaser that everyone is talking about in our industry!

In the pressure washing, paver sealing, and exterior cleaning industry, the professionals rely on the right chemicals to get the job done.

When it comes to chemicals... We know.... The choices are endless.

There is so many different choices when choosing the right chemical for the job. It can be really confusing and frustrating as a contractor to promise a customer a solution, then not be able to provide that solution. This leaves your customer unhappy and also effects how the customer views you as the exterior cleaning expert.

At MPWSR our goal is to always have the right equipment and supplies you need to get the job done right the first time!

Gold Assassin is meant to be used as an everyday degreaser for concrete.

The results speak for themselves.

So the real question is, how well does this magic sauce Gold Assassin work?

How can you decide if it's a tool you should consider adding to your truck?

The simple answer is JUST TRY IT!

Not all chemicals are created equal, and the proof is in the details. Gold Assassin is a hazmat soap that requires a little extra care when working with. This is not a chemical you will find on the shelves at your local hardware store for homeowners to buy and use themselves. This soap is strategically designed to be heavy duty and work in some of the nastiest areas in the exterior cleaning industry.

From dumpster pads, garbage bins, restaurant traffic areas and EVEN ROOF TAR is removed with ease by using Gold Assassin

So we know it works, and we know it's strong stuff, but what about mixing it? Should you apply it straight? Can I dilute it? Will it still work?


Gold Assassin has many different uses and ways in which it can be applied.

Here are some general break down and dilution ratios that have proven to show great results!

So now the real question!


Gold Assassin is a Hazmat material, which means it's going to cost a little extra to transport it to you. We understand the cost might be high for some, that is why we are working to establish more distributors nationwide. If you don't have a Gold Assassin Distributor close to you, it might be worth it for you to become the local distributor for your area!

If you want to find out more about becoming a local Gold Assassin Distributor please reach out to us at (941)216-3710 or visit

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