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Surface Cleaners... Who Makes The Best Surface Cleaner?

Updated: May 16, 2022

Ohhhhhh Yessss....

The best question that we love to answer here at Manatee Pressure Washer Supply and Repair!

Who makes the best surface cleaner?

The Pros already know the answer to this one...

We sell many different surface cleaner options for many different needs. However, one thing is certain. ONE name stands way above the rest when it comes to Surface Cleaners...

Whisper Wash

Whisper Wash Surface Cleaners are the best in the industry. No questions asked.

But since you want to know anyway.... Here are just a few reasons why you should consider buying a Whisper Wash for your next surface cleaner purchase.

The Unique Design

Whisper Wash is the only surface cleaner manufacturer that can have you covered no matter what size the job or size cleaner you need. They have sizes ranging in 16in to 16ft wide monster surface cleaners. Today we will be discussing the most common used surface cleaners at Manatee Pressure Washer Supply and Repair and why.

Their Unique light weight design is a huge part of what makes their surface cleaners so fast. Not to mention a few other amazing features to keep that whisper wash just moments from flying into outer space!

The Swivel

Whisper Wash uses the same swivel to run every one of their units! Talk about making it easy! THANK YOU!!! Sheesh! But seriously their swivels are one of the best the market has to offer. With a great design that can easily rebuilt, this is one surface cleaner that will last you for years to come! It keeps going like the energizer bunny!

The Bar

Whisper Wash is known for also having the best bar in the industry. This bar is unlike most welded bars that break the first or second time you hit a rock or small animal with it....

The Whisper Wash Bar is SOLID. literally.... Solid.

They also offer Bar Protectors and Two and Four Tip bar options!

Lets also not forget, everything on your Whisper Wash can be replaced. Brushes, Rivets Clips, Covers, Handles, ETC. Oh and did we mention... They are a FLORIDA Company too, so replacement parts aren't stuck out on a boat somewhere..... (That was low I Know...)

This is something a lot of the other manufacturers can't offer and this is a big deal to us!

So we have established why they are the best...

Let's talk about which one is right for you!


If you are looking for Budget or are new to the Surface Cleaning and Pressure Washing Industry then we recommend the Whisper Wash Ultra Clean. The 16 or 19in option are both fantastic, dependable and FAST surface cleaners. You can't have an amazing product at a good price... Can you?

If you have a 3.0-8.0 Gallons Per Minute Unit. You will be very happy with the Whisper Wash Ultra Clean 16. If you want something a little larger we would recommend the 19in.


The next step up in class from Whisper Wash is the CLASSIC or if you are looking for an upgraded rugged version of the Classic, the Whisper Wash Classic EXTREME will do the trick!

The Classic Whisper Was is EVERYTHING you want in a surface cleaner. Quality build parts, amazing workmanship, good finish work, SPEED, and reliability. The Whisper Wash Classic is all the above. It's ok to drool. We keep a mop bucket close by on the Whisper Wash Wall at the shop. (YES THEY HAVE A WALL DEDICATED TO THEM AT THE SHOP!)

What about the BIG BOYS? 8gpm, 10gpm, 12gpm+

You think we would forget about you? NAAAAHHHH..

The two choices for the big boys echoes through the winds. It's a no brainer. Whisper Wash clearly knew what they were doing when they took over the Surface Cleaner Industry!

The Ground Force

The Ground Force is our personal favorite Surface Cleaner. It folds up nice and tight and with 24" and Casters... YOU CAN DO ANYTING WITH THIS BAD BOY! Literally, anything... Parking Garages, HOA Communities, Schools, Large Residential Jobs. You name it this bad boy can do it! Not to mention the handle folds down and can be packed up real nice and neat on your trailer for transport!

The Mondo / Mini Mondo

The Mondo and Mini Mondo is a game changer! Wide to cover more ground but not too big to walk with speed and pace. This design is fantastic for large flat work jobs and will make quick work of many different large jobsites out in the field! If you are running a 10gpm+ unit we highly recommend the Min Mondo or the Mondo from Whisper Wash!

We hope this guide helps you find the best surface cleaner out there for your rig or jobsite.

Now that you know who the best is, you can narrow down your selection a little easier.

The Whisper Wash can be the game changer for many people out there! They are the best for a reason.

Buy one yourself and find out! We will just leave you with this. #Florida #Merica

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